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JJ! The icon of 90’s Pakistan

8 Dec

I haven’t written anything in a while. I have been thinking of writing about few things for quite some time now, but somehow did not feel motivated enough to do so. But something happened today. Something that has affected me on a personal level and I feel like it will consume me if I don’t put it into words.

In all honesty I feel surprised at how much of a personal loss I felt when I first read the news of Junaid Jamshed aboard the ill fated PK-661. But I understand. Being a Pakistani millennial (or 90’s kid as we prefer calling it here), it was almost impossible not to have any effect of Junaid on your personal life. I am not using ‘personal‘ here in loose terms. This is true for many of us.

My first memory of him, like thousands of other kids back in the day is, of course, ‘Dil Dil Pakistan‘ and the nostalgia connected with it. It is more than just a patriotic song of my homeland. It was the song for which I would especially ask my mother to wake me up during late night PTV  programs. It was the song for which I would turn my focus away from my books and towards the TV while my mother was trying to put some Math in me (and ultimately pay a hefty price for it). It reminds me of happy times. And simpler times. It reminds me of 14th August every year. It reminds of the small Pakistan flags I would put up all over the walls of my childhood home. It reminds me of a time when I could proudly and whole heartedly embrace my love for my country without looking into its many flawed dynamics.

For many, his voice is reminiscent of their first love. Junaid belonged to first true ‘pop‘ boyband of Pakistan. For 90’s youth, melodies produced by Vital Signs provided a hefty dose of the carefree elation of young love as well as an antidote for broken hearts. Then of course there was a time when he started his solo career and many people weren’t sure if it would make the same impact. However when the first album came out it was an even bigger success with the most memorable romantic melodies and music videos that are timeless and still resonate with the common man, kind of like Ghalib’s poetry. The very first mix tape I made had the most songs from that very album. I still remember the countless times I would switch on my PC sitting in my hostel room only to listen to ‘Aietbar‘ on Winamp. It might not be true to call Junaid the best vocalist or musician ever produced by Pakistan, but his voice certainly resonated with the common man’s heart in the rawest, most honest manner no one else’s could. Sometime after he had decided to call it quits on his music career, he once happened to be on board the same flight of which my Uncle was captain. He recalls a frank chat with Junaid where he asked him the reason for quitting music, especially when his voice meant so much for so many people in Pakistan and around the world. “Why would Allah want to take that help away from people?”, he argued. My uncle, an avid fan, felt compelled to ask this question because he like many others saw it as no less than a tragedy to never be able to take the positive energy from his voice again.

But as time showed he never actually quit music. Not truly anyway. Apart from voicing ‘nasheeds‘ and ‘Naats‘, he would occasionally sing something, without musical instruments (if he could stop Salman from playing the guitar). While it was not the same thing, many of us who loved his voice still cherished these rare occurances.

But he was not just a singer. It would be unfair to his legacy to look at only one aspect of his life. If we are talking about the 90’s generation and the effect JJ had on their lives on a personal level, it would be dishonest not to mention that he was also an inspiration to a large segment of population for his religious and spiritual transformation. While all may not necessarily understand or agree with the choices he made, it is true that he found peace in something which eludes a lot of people and who spend their lifetimes without having a moment of acceptance. He had found it in religion. In this aspect as well, he very much represented the 90’s Pakistan and his transition to post-90’s evangelism that mirrored what was happening with a large segment of Pakistani youth which meant that he continued to be a hero to many people, even if not the same ones. His brand of religiosity like all other brands had its positive and negative elements. People, even fans like me, had a field day joking about some of his lets-just-say ‘inconsistencies’ for the lack of a better word. I would argue that even that was on many levels purely out of love for him because we all felt personally connected to him and felt ownership over his personal life like only true fans would. But by all accounts he was content with the life choices he made and continued to touch people’s hearts one way or the other. Like most people he was a man of many colours. But he was definitely THE icon of 90’s Pakistan and his life journey had stark similarities with Pakistani society itself. He may no longer be among us but he left an indelible mark and us 90s kids will forever be indebted to him.


P.S Time to listen to ‘Aitebar‘ one more time.


Pakistan bans Ahmadi’s circumcision

23 Sep

In a bid to enforce its citizen’s adherence to the spirit of constitution of the country, Pakistan national assembly passed a historic and unanimous resolutions to ban doctors from performing circumcision on children belonging to the heretic Ahmadiyya sect.

After the landmark resolution was passed, Law ministry issued a statement thanking all the political parties who had drafted the bill together through their legal experts. Ministry reaffirmed government’s mission to eradicate all Muslim signs from Ahmadiyya ‘places of worship’, stating that since erected phallus-shaped-minarets were already being demolished, expanding the operation to actual penises was the only logical way to move forward.

As per article 298 C of the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Ahmadis are barred from impersonating themselves as Muslims and insulting sentiments of real circumcised Muslims. After this bill, every Muslim parent wishing for hospitals to do the circumcision on their child will have to sign the following oath:

I solemnly declare and personally attest that Qadiani dicks are ugly. And so are their relatively less ugly Lahori group’s. But ugly none than less

Speaker National Assembly, on being contacted by the reporter, expressed his satisfaction over the resolution and expressed his hope that Ahmadis will not erect new ways of impersonating Muslims.

“State has got nothing against Qadianis. We only want them to respect the constitution of the land like all other Pakistanis”, he further added while talking to the reporters on his way to attend SC hearing about embezzlement cases.

Speaker also praised veteran journalist Sangsaar Abbasi for bringing the issue to the attention of the nation after his numerous reports and articles highlighting the issue.

Teary eyed Abbasi while talking to the reporters expressed his gratitude towards Almighty for enabling him to carry out his mission without any fear. He complained that liberal fascist had terrorized him with their abusive language and sound reason.

Renowned moderate cleric Molana Tahir Ashracuppi through the platform Islami Nazriyati Council welcomed the decision and has also demanded that government setup a separate commission to check for already existing Qadiani dicks to penalize those who had impersonated Muslims in the past. Considered as somewhat of an expert over the subject, the good Molana has offered to head the commission itself and look for all the ‘cases’ personally. He demanded that all Ahmadi male adults be put in ‘concentration camps’ till he can ‘concentrate’ fully on the given task against each of them.

Kabhi ao concentration camp, Khushbu lagaa kay!

Kabhi ao concentration camp, Khushbu lagaa kay!

Government has already shown positive response to the idea. The proposed commission is being dubbed as Markazi royat e boner committee.

Disclaimer: Any references of names similar to real personalities is purely and extremely intentional

آخر اس بس ہوسٹس کا نام مریم نواز کیوں نہ تھا؟ – زین گردیزی

18 Jun

Originally posted for LUBP:

Some in Pakistan are not able to access however so re posting on my personnel blog:

آخر اس بس ہوسٹس کا نام مریم نواز کیوں نہ تھا؟ – زین گردیزی

ہاۓ افسوس!

اس کے والدین سے یہ خطا کیوں ہوئی
ان کو دیکھ بھال کر لینا چاہئیے تھا. ادھر ادھر سے پتا کراتے. آج کل کے تخت نشینوں نے اپنے بچوں کے نام کیا رکھے ہیں. تب شاید کوئی افاقہ ہو جاتا. ذرا سی چوک ہی تو تھی. ‘نواز’ تک تو کام پورا تھا. اب اقرا کی جگہ مریم ہی رکھ لیتے.تب شاید جان بخشی ہو جاتی. تب شاید نگہت صاحبہ اپنی سیٹ بھی خالی کر کے اس کے قدموں میں ڈال دیتیں

یقینن ماں باپ کا قصور ہے
انہی کا ہی ظاہر ہے قصور ہے. آخر اس کا باپ کبھی کوئی بڑا افسر کیوں نہ بن سکا؟ اگر سی ایس ایس کر لیتا تو پھر اس کی بیٹی کو ایک ہوسٹسس بننے کی ضرورت ہی کیوں پیش آتی؟ دوسروں کو پانی اور ڈبے پیش کرنے کے بجاۓ یار لوگ اس کے والد کی کرم نوازی پہ اسے اور اس کے بھایوں کو تحائف دے رہے ہوتے. آخر اس کا باپ کسی کالے کوٹ مافیا کا حصّہ کیوں نہ بن سکا؟ تب جا کر شاید کسی عدل کی گھنٹی بجتی، کوئی انصاف کا ترازو اپنے میزان پہ سمبھلتا، کوئی نوٹس بھیجے جاتے، کوئی سرزنش کی جاتی. اس کا اپنا بھی قصور ہے. تھپڑ کھانے کے لیے نوں لیگ جیسی عظیم جماعت کی رکن ہی ملی تھی؟ کسی اور سے ہی کھا لیتی. لے دے کے بات ووہی آ جاتی ہے. اس کا باپ آخر ایک طاقت کے نشے میں چور پارٹے کا سربراہ کیوں نہیں تھا؟ اور اس نی اس کا نام مریم کیوں نہ رکھا؟

یقیناً ماں باپ کا قصور ہے
آخر اس دو کوڑی کے مڈل کلاس کمی کو یہ جرات ہی کیوں ہوئی کہ وہ اپنی بیٹی کو ایک حق حلال روزی روٹی کے کام کی اجازت دیتا؟ اسے اس کے لیے کوئی اچھے رشتے کی تلاش کر لینی چاہئیے تھی ور جب تک نہ ملتا گھر می بڈھا رکھنا چاہئیے تھے کونکہ وہی اس کا مقام ہے. اب نتیجہ خود بھگتے. کیا اس نی اپنی اس سر پھری لڑکی کو اتنا بھی نہ سمجھایا کہ ایک مریض کو فورا پانی دینے کے بجاۓ جو اس ملک کے مائی باپ ہیں ان کے حکم کی تعمیل زیادہ ضروری ہے؟ یہی مسلہ ہے ان سر پھری لڑکیوں کو پڑھانے کا. خود سے سوچنا شروع کر دیتی ہیں. محنت کی کمائی کے بجاۓ اگر چاپلوسی کے گر سکھاۓ ہوتے تو شاید کوئی مرہم انہیں بھی ریزرو سیٹ پہ ‘نواز’ دیتیں.

یقیناً ماں باپ کا قصور ہے

Do not make IK your scapegoat

17 Oct

Shame on you, Mr. Khan“, read the title of an article of a popular English daily.

TALIBAN Khan is back”, was the starting line of a piece by a member of editorial staff of another English daily. Yes with caps.

So Imran Khan wants to negotiate with the people who kill little girls for their desire for education”, screamed (read: tweeted) some of Malala’s well wishers after the attack on her. Of course they were not using the incident to vent their anger and frustration for personal reasons. It is very reasonable to blame Imran Khan because obviously he has been advocating a ban on women education and ordering Taliban to attack little girls for years. Isn’t he? Never mind that he is the founder of one of the internationally recognized colleges of our country, located in a relatively small city.


You would think Imran Khan had personally shot the girl and put the picture of himself holding on his twitter account if you read some of the ‘opinions’ expressed.

Everyone loves to have a scapegoat i.e that one person who can be blamed for all the wrongs that happen to us because it helps us avoid figuring out the actual problem or to help avoid the real culprits. ‘Bomb attack in Pakistan?’ Blame India. ‘Bomb attack in India?’ Blame ISI. ‘Increase in sectarian violence?’ Blame Jews for spreading the hatred among the Muslim Ummah, which was living very happily otherwise. ‘Your children don’t listen to you?’ Blame Amreeka and maghribi rivayaat (whatever that is). Even Taliban use this ploy effectively and blame all of their motivations on operation of Lal Masjid. Similarly, the elites have found Khan as an easy scapegoat for all the wrongs that have plagued this country even though the guy has yet to hold any actual power. Khan is an easy prey because the only thing one has to worry about afterwards is the amount of hate mail one receives. And considering that many pseudo intellectuals think that amount of hate mail is directly proportional to their own IQ, it actually is a bonus. He is easy because blaming him will excuse them from speaking openly about the real culprits.

Or is it because Imran Khan openly speaks what he believes in instead of playing the game like PML-N which covertly makes alliances with extremist organizations for a couple of petty NA seats? Whose law minister has even participated in rallies of these organizations despite their links to Lashkar e Jhangvi which is responsible for sectarian violence from Punjab to Baluchistan? And yet ‘opinion makers’ of editorial pages only seem to find Imran Khan as a hypocrite. I must sue Oxford dictionary publishers and all my English teachers for feeding me the wrong definition of hypocrite all these years.

If a leader of a popular party can be called TALIBAN KHAN by a member of editorial staff in opinion pages may we also write ‘Shahbaz Sharif Jhangvi’?

To put it on record let me say I do not agree with Khan’s idea of negotiations with the Taliban. But is he the only one doing it? PPP information minister Mr. Kaira even went on to say government would support if Khan negotiates with Taliban. Apparently he also suggested Nawaz Sharif should negotiate with Baluch leaders. One wonders why have people voted for PPP then if every one else is supposed to do their job? So, why no article with the title ‘Shame on you Mr. Kaira’?

If it is about Imran Khan saying that there are different types of Taliban groups who need to be identified and separated, than one only needs to be looking at what Rehman Malik has been smoking for the last few days because that is exactly what he has been saying.

Lot of issue has been made (and rightly so) about Imran Khan’s statement in Talat Hussain’s interview where he showed reservation over big statements against Taliban over the safety of his workers in FATA. But one must ask whether any other politician even has made this little statement even? Even the parliament resolution did not mention Taliban by name. Why not write a piece ‘Shame on our whole Parliament’?

I would double dare any opinion maker to write an article titled ‘Shame-on-He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named’ over the killings of mere bystanders by political goons just because their leader was insulted by a member of another party?

Or is it because authors of elitist mindset feel guilty over keeping on voting for same parties again and again and their parties producing zero results?

Guilt is a very undesirable feeling to have. We do not wish to take any blame for ourselves or for those whom we helped in any sort of way. For that we tend to deflect our guilt on a scapegoat. Stop using Imran Khan’s name for personal fame or because you want to subdue your own guilt. Perhaps ‘Shame on us all’ should be the next appropriate title.

Being brave when it matters

11 Oct

Fear is a dangerous thing. It can create panic and obscure our purpose and journey. It can make us hesitant in doing the right thing to do. Few people in this world show valor at the time when it really matters, because the path of valor requires sacrifice. Because it is one thing to hurl threats against an enemy from afar, while looking at an armed and powerful enemy in the eye and standing your ground is another. It is this very reason that history only remembers those heroes who chose to fight for what they believed in regardless of the size of their enemy.

When a nation is fighting a war it rallies around its heroes. They are the ones who inspire others. They have influence beyond material output as they ignite passion among others and the will to resist. Malala Yousafzai is that warrior hero. She is the one who has eloquently used the most powerful weapon there is, to make grown men fear her, her vision, her philosophy and her resistance. If ever a book is written by the phrase ‘Pen is mightier than sword’, than her face should be on it. Some sections have pointed out that young children have died in Pakistan and indeed they keep on dying rather frequently in Baluchistan, FATA and other areas effected most by terrorism, so why such special focus on her? For such people I would say ‘Open your eyes. It is not every day that you can find a hero that has the potential to inspire thousands of others’

Unfortunately for her, she is the hero of a war which is least likely to be owned up by its own people who are supposed to defend themselves. She is the hero of a nation which has sunk its head in the sand and has not, even after these many years not made up its mind whether to even acknowledge the enemy. Can she grow beyond herself to change all that?

For her part, she has mostly done her job. When grown up leaders were questioning whether terrorist attacks on schools do actually exist or is it all some media propaganda, (you all know who you are) she was 11 year old girl facing all the situation herself and decided to speak up against all that herself through her pen and through her voice. One assumes she would have tried to do so by hand as well if she was old enough. Her story would make many grownups feel like a useless lot. I for one surely feel that way.

She showed valor when it all mattered. She was in the thick of the situation and yet she spoke up. Not from her drawing rooms in farm houses of Islamabad and Lahore. Even after the cowards threatened her she remained brave. There is nothing further that we can demand of her. Well perhaps we could ask her to kick our leaders in the nuts whenever she recovers. Perhaps that would help them realize that they may have them still. Will that throw in some senses? They sure do need a reminder. None have clearly spoken against the enemy even half bravely as her. Even Imran Khan clearly admitted it citing safety for his own workers as a concern. Many circles have criticized him for his statement, I would say at least he had this much courage to say these words, while there has been complete silence from other leaders and our National Assembly which has issued a mere redundant and bogus condemnation. If today also, we do not recognize this as our war than when will we?

The reasons given by TTP spokesman make one thing clear. This IS an ideological war and not reactionary. The terrorists are people who have their own mindset over how they want to see Pakistan through their closed mind. Anything other than that is against them and is a threat for them. No matter if she happens to be a 14 year old girl.

Meanwhile in an evil parallel Universe …

23 Sep

The blasphemous movie producers and opportunist distributor find them in a peculiar situation after thousands of white flowers were sent to their homes with little teddy bears bearing signs of ‘Get Well Soon’.

The campaign started by reformist cleric of Lebanon, Sheikh Hassan Nasrullah has gained widespread momentum and appreciation. Muslims from all around the different countries have responded to his call positively. One such case is of a peace activist in Pakistan by the name of Malik Ishaq, who alone donated for the ten thousand white jasmine flowers to be delivered to Terry Jones.

When Nasarullah was asked about the campaign itself he shared that he was very much influenced by the teachings of great South Asian pacifist Abul Alaa Mohan Daas Maududi.

“I am a strong believer of Maududi-giri. I believe his philosophy and message of love and peace can conquer hearts across the globe. I just hope in whatever heaven he might be, he would be proud of me today”, Nasarullah said after removing a tear of joy from his eyes.

In addition to this campaign many Muslims across the globe are distributing free copies of Quran and participating widely in philanthropic activities. A teenage activist and hit singer, Ghulam Ahmad Bilor said that he is not bothered by people like the movie producers and the best way he can serve the Prophet SAW is by following in his footsteps.

While the reactions have been appreciated by people from all walks of life across the globe, not many share the same sentiment. International criminal cum terrorist cum cult figure, The Dalai Lama is of the opinion that Muslims are pussies and if something similar had come out about Budha he would have personally ripped the fu**in throat of the director.

“And then I would have grown my Satanic horns”

Speaking via satellite from his secret evil lair, the felon reissued the fatwa of murder of alleged blasphemer painter, M.F Hussain for his painting of the laughing Budha and increased the bounty from 3 million Bangladesh Taka to a mind boggling five million Taka.

In other news, violent protests have started in The Greater Israel by the majority Ahmadiyya community after some unknown Muslim cleric from Czechoslovakia posted an image of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad with a caption “Imposter” on his facebook page. Demanding death penalty for the blasphemer, protesters burned the state buildings and attacked minority Muslim and Jewish  population, accusing both of being a part of a greater conspiracy against their religion. However, the major damage was done in the capital city of Jerusalem by the community against its own people after enraged protesters ran out of patience to find any Muslim or Jew nearby.

Democratically elected president of Saudi Arabia and Nobel prize winner, Princess Ameerah showed grave concerns over the safety of minorities of The Greater Israel and also condemned the Czech cleric for instigating hatred against the other community.

Factors to help get hits on social media

17 May

If yo are a struggling blogger and want people to visit your blog often, following is a list of pointers that help (in no particular order):

Zaid Hamid/Camels/Arabs

At some pint in time during the era of ‘enlightened moderation’ (yuh right!), someone decided it would be pretty cool to ignite the enlightened feeling of patriotism in the youth of Pakistan by starting a cult of laal topi, self proclaimed mujahid-cum-faqeer-cum-sufi-cum-muazzan NOBODY, who would inform bunch of sorry excuses for slackers, what their ears would love to hear i.e they are the superior nation above all others, chosen to do God’s bidding. After all who would mind the idea of holding such importance, specially when in actual they hold no serious significance in real life.

I do not look constipated. Its my being-important look (Photo:

While on one hand this phenomena helped fuel dangerous type of superiority complex in already naive minds, on the other hand it opened up gates to series of one liner puns/satire articles/social and cultural criticism blogs for many times to come, mainly due to retarded persona of the main man behind the whole ISPR project campaign and the frequent blunders he made. While some used the issue to highlight growing concern about the urban middle class’s psyche or the occasional jibes and satires, some people made him a permanent subject of their every article that followed to date. Its a strategy that never fails. And if you can add somethings about how primitive Arabs are and something about the camels its an extra bonus. Basically this category writers originally were just writing about camels and Arabs only. After Zaid Hamid’s emergence, they have added him to their main puns while Arabs and camels are just a side jokes. Even after the cult of Ziad Hamid ultimately fell to its inevitable doom, this category writers kept beating his name because their pay checks depended on it. Plus there was one major factor i.e online Indian readers would always love a Zaid Hamid joke, no matter how stale it might be. And considering the population of India, is a pretty good chunk of favorable hits on your blog/article.

Why no body write about me

If you are thinking of using this factor and still keep the originality than use it as a passing jokes in your blogs and occasionally write one of the fictional satirical stories involving him. I have also used this strategy and most of the hits  (as expected) on my blog were from India. If you do not wish to be original about it, than who cares? Indians will still tweet about it anyway.

See the trend/Pick a side

More often than not, something happens that creates a shitstorm in the social media circles. There was that Amir liaqat video leak, Maya Khan’s date raids, facebook ban, Sialkot lynch mob and countless other incidents which have over different periods of time created a series of articles, facebook statuses and tweet/re-tweets. The trick to write something about them is the timing. If you are even one week slow to pick on the trend, than forget about it and move on. Because there is a thing about current state of Pakistan’s media. Its probably too much for its target audience. One thing comes and another makes it fade away. After all, human mind can only contain limited information that it can focus on.

I didn’t even feel the need to scratch my shoulders, punk!

Sometimes there is not a need for any event to happen to make social circles talk about it. Every once in a while someone would share an opinion in any of the articles/blogs that will grab every one’s attention. Most likely its title would sound like an attack on certain circles of media or society in general. And for some days people will just talk about it, either in support of that opinion or against it. You need to pick one side at this point, find every thing you can against it and use it in a rebuttal of your own.

Do not waste your energies on trivial articles. Make sure you have chosen a worthy one that has a considerable amount of social media audience which is interested in the topic. Most recent example of such case Dr Hoodboy’s proud testimony of bayghairati (no pun intended), which generated fair pieces of rebuttals varying from average bloggers to seasoned authors, which of course also indicates that the names involved should be of worthy note as well.

Give sense of purpose

Here’s a fun fact about humans: No one likes to hear that they are useless.

So it is always an added bonus if you manage to convince people that supporting your opinion may bring some change. There are no better examples for this than the cases of Maya Khan and Meher Bukhari. A section of social activists felt proud that at least they managed to produce something tangible in the world besides tweeting their frustrations. This gave them sense of achievement and the higher number of re-tweets and every body lived happily ever after.

Including both the anchors of course, when they moved to a bigger channel with more money. Remember what I said about memory in the last section?

In case you are wondering, yes she is indeed laughing AT YOU!

Keep the hate mail coming

Some people suffer from what the psychological experts describe as getting-boners-from-hate-mail-syndrome. If you are one of them than you are in luck because this will help you generate lot of hits. And since you rather enjoy virtual insults, threats in the comments section anger should not bother you much. After all its better to piss people off virtually than on their face, so its a win-win situation.

One example of how hate mail can be used as an advantage is his piece with a title and a picture intended to sere the purpose i.e more hits and hate comments. In the author’s own words:

I have been asked to comment on this picture by the blog editor of The Express Tribune, probably because the last time I blogged about the niqab, I took a controversial stance that earned me hundreds of comments, at least a thousand “likes” and retweets on Facebook and Twitter, and the ire of several dozen internet trolls who branded me as the blogger who “supports nudity”.

Yes, we all know why the editor asked you to. It was not about making a point I imagine because I didn’t get any after reading the whole piece.


Basically this section is also associated to the earlier section of hate mail. Except that in this case, the word ‘hate’ is most likely I-will-fu**ing-kill-you equivalent.

Apparently, religion is one of the most sensitive aspects of human life. Or should I say, the ways of the forefathers are. Of course people find to hear that, what they have been following over the years might have some problem. So basically you can use the emotion to your added advantage if you can basically pin the blame of everything wrong with this world to religion. Even if it has nothing to do with it. I have even read articles that suggest that just because someone tends to recite Ayatul Kursi for protection, he/she is more prone to being careless about real safety measures. Or the education problem in Pakistan is due to the fact people prefer Hakeems rather than doctors. Notice that Hakeem itself has nothing to do with religion. But reading it, people get the idea of bearded mulla. It is your own artistic skill that will make this problem look like its a religious one.

Veena Malik

I know I said this list is without any particular order  but evidence suggests that probably this factor is No.1 in the list. The famous mufti sahab episode of her interview with Kamran Shahid is anchor’s highest rated show till date and at that time it was the highest rated show on prime time so far. When ET published 2011’s year’s most popular topics of its website, the blogs about about that episode were at the top. When Nadia Khan wanted to do a show on her return, Veena was the topic she picked up. For over a good period of the month 2 out of 4 recommended pages on ET have been related to Veena, whether they hold any meaning or not.

Imran Khan

If you combine all that is written above in one package, except for Veena who does not fit in the package (pun intended) and use all that for only one subject over and over again, that subject would be called Imran Khan. You can add him to your daily one liner jokes about Zaid Hamid / Hamid Gul types. You can pick a side i.e for or against him and start a heated discussion in the comments section. You can be sure to receive floods of hate mail whenever you write anything against him. You can also the technique of attacking religion by showing off Imran Khan as a fundamentalist. Because he IS popular in youth, has a strong fan following plus circle of harsh critics, you can be assured anything you write about him will definitely score some valuable points.

I wouldn’t suggest what this author here has concluded. He is not the target of any ‘Goebbels’ vendetta’. But his definitely is used because it sells. Indeed their seem to be authors who have made a career out of him. I am not saying they do not write about anything else. I am just saying no body notices whatever other things they may write about. Plus they have the tendency of writing his name just for the sake of it in things that do not even relate him. And the trend is not just limited to wannabe intellectuals, but even holyshit-why-this-nuclear-physicist-does-not-focus-n-his-own-job types also use it often. Why Dr. sahab why? Why are you content that Dr Abdul Salam should be the only noble prize winner in Pakistan? Is the hate mail really worth it or are you expecting a noble peace prize? (Yuh right!)