Meanwhile in an evil parallel Universe …

23 Sep

The blasphemous movie producers and opportunist distributor find them in a peculiar situation after thousands of white flowers were sent to their homes with little teddy bears bearing signs of ‘Get Well Soon’.

The campaign started by reformist cleric of Lebanon, Sheikh Hassan Nasrullah has gained widespread momentum and appreciation. Muslims from all around the different countries have responded to his call positively. One such case is of a peace activist in Pakistan by the name of Malik Ishaq, who alone donated for the ten thousand white jasmine flowers to be delivered to Terry Jones.

When Nasarullah was asked about the campaign itself he shared that he was very much influenced by the teachings of great South Asian pacifist Abul Alaa Mohan Daas Maududi.

“I am a strong believer of Maududi-giri. I believe his philosophy and message of love and peace can conquer hearts across the globe. I just hope in whatever heaven he might be, he would be proud of me today”, Nasarullah said after removing a tear of joy from his eyes.

In addition to this campaign many Muslims across the globe are distributing free copies of Quran and participating widely in philanthropic activities. A teenage activist and hit singer, Ghulam Ahmad Bilor said that he is not bothered by people like the movie producers and the best way he can serve the Prophet SAW is by following in his footsteps.

While the reactions have been appreciated by people from all walks of life across the globe, not many share the same sentiment. International criminal cum terrorist cum cult figure, The Dalai Lama is of the opinion that Muslims are pussies and if something similar had come out about Budha he would have personally ripped the fu**in throat of the director.

“And then I would have grown my Satanic horns”

Speaking via satellite from his secret evil lair, the felon reissued the fatwa of murder of alleged blasphemer painter, M.F Hussain for his painting of the laughing Budha and increased the bounty from 3 million Bangladesh Taka to a mind boggling five million Taka.

In other news, violent protests have started in The Greater Israel by the majority Ahmadiyya community after some unknown Muslim cleric from Czechoslovakia posted an image of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad with a caption “Imposter” on his facebook page. Demanding death penalty for the blasphemer, protesters burned the state buildings and attacked minority Muslim and Jewish  population, accusing both of being a part of a greater conspiracy against their religion. However, the major damage was done in the capital city of Jerusalem by the community against its own people after enraged protesters ran out of patience to find any Muslim or Jew nearby.

Democratically elected president of Saudi Arabia and Nobel prize winner, Princess Ameerah showed grave concerns over the safety of minorities of The Greater Israel and also condemned the Czech cleric for instigating hatred against the other community.

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