BCB blames Zaid Hamid’s deceptive propaganda for Asia Cup loss

28 Mar

In a rather bizarre follow-up to ACC’s rejection of BCB’s earlier appeal regarding last over collision, it seems that BCB cricket operations chairman Enayet Hossain Siraj will not just let the big bad boys bully the minnows any longer.

In startling claim, Siraj claimed that the real reason Bangladesh lost was due to ‘constant and deceptive propaganda done by a nostalgic facebook page owned by a certain Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid’.

“He constantly kept telling our nation that somehow Pakistanis and us are actually one and their is no need to worry over trivial things such as winning he cup!”, furious Siraj exclaimed while smashing his fist over the table.

In an hour long press conference, Siraj revealed that BCB will be filing another appeal to review the Asia Cup final result because the propagandist had addled Bangladesh cricketers brains. In his own words, this came under ‘cross-nation-hypnotism-fixing which is more dangerous than any other kind of fixing’.

“He even came to greet our players before the match. He must have continued spreading his deceptive notions to our players and since they are a young team they fell into his trap,” Sajid was quoted as saying while being on the verge of tears. “How else can you explain Mushfiqur giving the final over to Shahadat Hussain? Look at his age, he is just 23. At this age, it is easy for cheap mentalists to take control of the youth’s mind”.

Sajid was quick to dismiss any blame on Mushfiqur though. “Of course by the time he realized what had happened we lost the match. That is why he is the most visible player crying as he knew how his innocent mind was tricked”, he said.

Mushfiqur Rehman however showed complete surprise at the details of press conference. “If he is talking about a crazy fan who managed to enter our dressing room and kept calling himself a *faqeer*, I thought he was a Bangladeshi”, he shared.

“Of course my brain has not been addled”, he clarified while snapping at the journalist who made the query. Which was than followed by Mushfiqur getting in Tamim’s shirt sobbing hard. Tamim however was unfazed and kept admiring his check for being the coolest player of the tournament.

On being contacted Zaid Hamid confirmed that he did indeed go to Bangladesh dressing room, but that was because he considered it territory of Pakistan and did not see any point why this should be any issue.

“Alhumdulillah our azan did not go unheard and Bangladeshi players played like Pakistanis. They also crumbled while chasing a target after being in a good position. This again proves that deep down, they are still Pakistani and the tears of the players which you saw after the match were the tears of joy. The silence in the crowd was because they were in awe of the glory of our great nation Pakistan, which at the same time became winner as well as runner up of the Asia cup”, Hamid presented his detailed observation.

When this blogger contacted renowned columnist Nadeem F. Paracha to get his take on the recent events, he suggested that BCB chairman was probably giving way too much credit to Zaid Hamid and only real effect Hamid can give to this world is the need for aspirin.

He also made some redundant joke involving camels, but due to its stale nature, it is not being mentioned here.

One Response to “BCB blames Zaid Hamid’s deceptive propaganda for Asia Cup loss”

  1. Syed Hadrium March 29, 2012 at 1:37 pm #

    Ohhh acha it was your personal blog … nothing real it it .. but loving it … good one 🙂

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