When the tiger roars! O wait …

26 Mar

On March 22nd, Cricket world saw something that was never witnessed before. Previously considered minnows and one hit wonder tigers, on the third occasion of the same tournament, made another test playing nation sweat over an ODI match and came very close to lifting first ever real trophy which involved more than two cricket playing nations. It was no fluke. It was no luck. It was consistent resilience shown by the team who had the hunger and will to win the tournament more than other three teams combined.

But It was not enough. What followed after that was a group of grown men looking vividly in the sky, while tears floated down their cheeks. But it was not like what cricketing world now recalls officially as Sreesanth-looking-for-mommy-after-being-spanked-by-bhaji incident. They were like tears of heroes. Every one started showering praises. It would have been better if large %age of ‘everyone’ did not include Athar Ali Khan, but still, it was every one. They were like wounded soldiers who gave up every thing they had against a much larger force.

On second thought, they could just be …. you know tears. You know like toddler tears? Or like the time where you started crying when you brought the cricket accessories to the ground (read: your local muhalla street) and found that no one wanted to get you in your team? In short, like tears of whiners?

If you look closely you may see a tear trickling down tiger's mustache

The debacle that followed certainly makes it look like that way. One can ignore the silence and the boos which welcomed Pakistani players in the stadium after the win considering the fact that it was their first shot at such a big title or the childish act of PM Hasina Wajid, but how to justify waking up two days after the match and thinking they could get 5 extra runs out of an arguably unintentional collision which no umpire/referee reported?

Its like BCB is attempting very hard to bitch-slap any ounce of pride which their team gained during the tournament. And to gain what? The appeal has been rejected before the formal letter being sent. Surprise surprise!

What? Does this mean we lost again? 😦

I would get out one thing straight thought. I have never been able to relate myself to Bangladesh in any sort of way. 1971 occurred way before I was born and although I feel sad and consider it as a reminder of how dictatorships split nations, that is just it. I mean at least with India, I can share a hate relationship, while with Bangladesh its just plain indifference. Ask any dejected drunkard lover. He would prefer hate than indifference ANY DAY.

Speaking of drunkards, Qibla Zaid Zaman Hamid Ghazi Al Hindi had left a very heart warming message for Bangali biradars. Wonder what he has to say now.

And if Qibla‘s message was not ‘loving’ enough, the comment right up there can really help lighten the mood right? I mean whats more loving gesture than attacking the separate identity of the nation which gained its independence from you people? That will surely help cheer up the already ‘lively’ mood they are in because of us.

3 Responses to “When the tiger roars! O wait …”

  1. Salman Zahidi March 26, 2012 at 1:19 pm #

    hahaha good one …their 5 runs penalty claim was one of the most ridiculous appeal I have ever come across in my entire watching cricket life. Even you wont find kids claiming runs over this issue in ‘gali’ cricket. Perhaps they thought that they have already won the final before the match and standing in the field for next 100 overs will be a formality and I won’t even term them as immature since its been 12 long years that they are part of test cricket. May be some of their dumb anti-Pakistani politicians forced their cricket board to launch an appeal just to embarrass themselves later.

    • rorolia March 26, 2012 at 1:25 pm #

      Yuh! Seems more like Hasina Wajid was pretty pissed and probably pushed BCB. No cricketing board could be ‘that’ dumb

  2. saliha March 26, 2012 at 2:18 pm #

    Strive for vctiory but be graceful in defeat, gentlemen. This crying was unbecoming of people who claim to be tigers. Ironic, really. It was as if they had forseen absolute, certain, unmistakable victory before they even took to the fields. That forsight, my dear bengali friends, was not even the cup of tea of the famous yet doomed (maybe nonexistent) indian parrot.

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