Conversation of brothers of faith about facebook

20 May

Brother A: Peace be on your brother! Alhumdulillah we have successfully damaged revenue of Zionist facebook. Now they would know better to mess with Muslim ummah!

Brother B: Peace be on you too! Yes Inshallah our azan will not go unheard. I have recruited many people to actively boycott the whole website.

Brother A: Yes well done. I have managed to gather as many people as I can to make facebook account before its ban in order for them to participate in boycott

Brother B: Jazak Allah! Very smart of you brother.

Brother A: Thank you! So what do u think we should do now. we have time and there is no facebook to do dawa on it.

Brother B: We can see some dawah videos on youtube so that our eeman is refreshed.

Brother A: Good idea

(Opens on computer)

Brother A: Something is wrong. It is restricted.

Brother B: WHAT? Why?

Brother A: Dont know. May be because of other anti islamic videos on it.

Brother B: But there were many Islamic videos as well.

Brother A: Well there are many muslims and islamic discussions on facebook as well.

Brother B: But that is different. They are jews.

Brother A: Yes of course! Good point.

Brother B: But dont u think if we can not put videos using youtube, only other side’s stories will be shared and our side will not be heard

Brother A: Yuh but at least we would be away from the kufar and will remain pure.

Brother B: You …. You are right I guess. Sorry I think my eman is not as great as yours.

Brother A: (After thinking something) Do u think my neighbours will be harvesting my farm?

Brtoher B: What? Oh! … Ahmmm… But arent all your neighbours boycotting facebook?

Brother A: I have some non muslim foreigner friends whom i play with.

Brother B: You are making acquaintance with kuffar?

Brother A: They are ahl e kitab! Its different.

Brother B: Ok! But you will see all those who are doing this will pay heavily.

Brother A: Yuh just like that Danish cartoonist who was burned alive.

Brother B: Who told you that. He is alive.

Brother A: How can one survive after being burned?

Brother B: But brother he wasnt burned.

Brother A: You mean all those email I got were …. ?

Brother B: Not true.

Brother A: Ooh! … Ohhhhh! …

Brother B: But at least he got head butt.

Brother A: Huh! Serves him right for ruining my farms… I mean making cartoons.

Brother B: True!

*Silence follows for few minutes*

Brother B: I had received a puppy you know lately. I dont know who would take care of it, all my neighbours are on boycott.

Brother A: Allah takes the responsibility of those who do not have any one to take care for them

Brother B: Yuh you are right. O wait ….

Brother A: What is it brother?

Brother B: Could this be all a big diversion? I mean we were going pretty well in mafia wars against the kuffar.

Brother A: So?

Brother B: So this drawing day could be a zionist hindus conspiracy to make us boycott facebook and they will go to higher levels than us.

Brother A: (After thinking for a moment) Damn! Those yahoodo nasaara got us again.

*Brother A Dies in shock!*

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