Wanderer soul

4 Apr

Wanderer Soul

By Xain Gardexi

Wanderer soul where ye begin
Steaming desert thou is in
No water to quench thy thirst
No Ganges to wash thy sin

Destiny calls through barren land
Does not extend the gentle hand
See beyond the mist of clouds
It doesn’t end in drops of sand

But wonder may thy shelter be
Any bank when thou cross the sea
Obscure is the route ahead
Wary is thy troubled knee

Ruffling wind in the night blows
Eyes flicker for sign of rose
Tiring feet start trembling
Thirst bursts and walk slows

In the middle the traveller lies
No motel, no passer by
In haste comes the handsome guide
Soul cherishes and starts to fly

Green they are, the mountains high
Broaden smile and tears dry
Comfort is the circle wide
Rainbow shines in the rainy sky

Seven heavens thou shall ascend
That is where the journey ends
Not in waters of Zam Zam and Ganges
Thy faith is on what it all depends

One Response to “Wanderer soul”

  1. afeen zainab April 6, 2010 at 2:07 pm #

    faith? is this xain talking about faith? nice poem by the way. some of the images of the desert reminded me of second coming by yeats. i suggest u read it. its great.

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